Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shine Music Project's Live Stream Schedule For July 2014

If there's anything Sancho loves, it's having lots of great live music to share with the world. We are fortunate to be able to provide this service for those who don't live in Seattle or can't make it out to all the many great shows! 

This is our tentative schedule for July:

Believe it or not, we have no plans at this time for the 4th of July, but we will update this page if that changes

July 6th ~ Ron E. Banner hosts acoustic nights at Slim's Last Chance every Tuesday, and on this night, Villains of Yesterday will be playing -- we dig them a lot and had them at our own BBQ recently. This time we will be able to share it with the world! 

July 11th at The Tractor Tavern ~ We are really excited to see Into the Cold, a local all-star project we seem to keep missing featuring Katy Cornell. Also in the band are Owen Wright, William Stover, Gene Devereaux, Keith Jaeger and Denny Markopolous.
 Opening is Strong Suit with Chris FrielJustin S. Davis, Keith Ash, Gary Westlake, and Sean P. Bates -- folks, this is truly an all-star lineup! I'd venture to say it may sell out in the tiny Tractor so buy your tickets early! 

July 26th at Slim's Last Chance ~ The Guessing Game with Kim Virant and Stereo Embers -- this is going to be fantastic because their live outdoor stage is unmatched in the summer! 

Special thanks to Streambox for providing our webcast services. 

To see our free live streams, simply go to our 'Live Performance' Page here on Xanaland

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