Monday, January 19, 2015

School of Rock Opens a New Location in West Seattle! Come Join Amanda Hardy and Meet the Staff For Their Grand Opening on January 31st!

I may seem over excited about a lot of stuff we share about but this is one time that I am truly super stoked for an event, for this kicks off another chapter in the saga of Seattle music and which ever road these young souls choose to follow-be it musical or otherwise, it will always lead back to the day their parents signed them up for School of Rock. 

Now you may think this is just for teens but think again! The ' Little Wing ' program is for tots! I cant think of a better investment than exposing children to music in a genuinly kind, sentive and creative enviorment like School of Rock. 

Just a few short blocks from Easy Street Records, there is no doubt in my mind that this location will have lots of great support from the neighboring restaurtants, venues and art/ music stores. 

Amanda Hardy our ' Grunge Princess '  is a young singer-songwriter-guitar player who has been blowing Seattle away with her fiesty grunge infused yet original style. She's been playing in Seattle venues and for crowds since she was in mid school and is becoing an influnece herself on bands she's influenced by-a truly beautuful full circle,  and since she's only 17, shes the perfect special guest to have on the night of the opening.

This is a free event from 1- 6 p.m. and there will be a food truck outside for those coming from work who feel like muching on the best grilled cheese delectibles in Seattle with ' The Cheese Wizards " . I've seen thses guys all over Alki Beach in the summer and they are an awsome little business-I mean who would think of that?! Hilarious! 

For more information on the Grand Opening

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